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Assure Yourself Of Unblocked Drains & Pipes At Home In Simple Ways!

Drains Unblocked London

There are numerous ways to clear blocked drains and pipes. You can opt for one of several DIY drain clearing methods such as using strong chemicals available in the market for unclogging blocked drains, buying high pressure water jetting equipment or flushing boiling hot water in the drains and pipes. But, all these methods can be stressful and irritating at times. It can even cause you unnecessary headache. If you want to be rest assured of unblocked drains and pipes at home, you may follow these simple tips:

a) Do not pour greasy and fatty fluids in the drains, as they can get encrusted inside the pipes, thus disturbing the water-flow and causing blockage.

b) Hair-bundles are another chief culprit of blocking drain pipes. Clean the plugholes in your bathroom regularly to keep your drains unblocked.

c) Prepare a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water and use this solution after every fortnight. It will prevent your drain pipes from getting blocked.

d) Clean your bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and toilets with good disinfectant to prevent dirt and dust from settling.

e) To keep your drains unblocked, never ever throw sanitary napkins, diapers, or baby nappies in the toilet.

f) Sometimes excessive use of detergent can also block drains. As the detergent gets accumulated inside the pipes, water-flow is blocked, leading to an overflow situation. So, avoid excessive usage of detergent.

g) Tree roots and leaves are another main cause of blocked drainage. To keep your drains unblocked, make sure that you plant trees at a distance from your sewers.

h) Use kitchen strainers. It would not allow food waste to enter the pipes.

Important Note: To ensure that the drain pipes are functioning properly, check them from time to time. If the water flow is slow, there are chances that there are some build-ups inside the drain pipe. Clear your pipe immediately to avoid serious drain blockage.

You can also use the services of professional drain cleaners. Drain cleaner experts would check your drain pipes to ensure that there are no deposits inside the pipes and would thereby let you enjoy unblocked drains.

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