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How Can Commercial Units Prevent Plumbing Emergencies By Installing Grease Traps?

Over accumulation of grease, fats, and oily layers inside the drain pipes is the major cause of plumbing problems in commercial cooking facilities like hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Over a period of time, these substances get solidified inside the drain pipes in kitchens. Grease clogs often lead to sewer back-flows, foul smells, and also invite serious penalties being laid by the concerned authorities for not maintaining the mandatory levels of hygiene.

However, the commercial facilities can avoid such plumbing emergencies by installing grease traps in their kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and floor drains. As the name suggests, a grease trap is a device that traps grease, oil, and fatty substances from the wastes to prevent blockages and clogging.

Grease traps are widely available in the market. One can install them on their own or hire a professional plumber to do the same. But, simply installing the grease traps is not enough. In order to enjoy the benefits of this useful device, one must regularly clean the grease traps.

One should find out if there are any deposits of fats and grease inside the grease traps. Incidentally, on finding the same, do not attempt to clean it on your own using a chemical agent. It is because chemical agents such as bleach, emulsifiers, and enzymes kill the natural bacteria present inside the grease traps. This inhibits the separation process of the grease trap. It is for this reason that one must call in local commercial plumbing services for effective treatment of the grease traps.

Commercial grease traps cleaning service providers use advanced, yet safe and secure methods to clear them. They ensure that the device continues to function properly despite years of regular use.

There are some other ways as well by which you can prevent blocked drains and kitchen sinks in your hotel or restaurant kitchen. For instance, you must scrap-off the left-over food from the dishes to avoid letting them run down the drains. You must never rinse the dishes directly inside the sink. First wash away the cooking oils, fats, and grease layers into the drain and then pour hot water. It will help in preventing plumbing problems.

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